dinsdag 3 februari 2015

#3 incoming and lots of postcards


So I already told you all about the fact that I started with postcrossing again. For the people that really know me can expect that I'm already very exited.
And yep, I'm... So what did I do? I bought so many postcards I'm actually a bit shy about it. Well this is just me, when I really like something I always go for it for the 100 procent.
So now the pictures:

Ik heb jullie al verteld over het feit dat ik opnieuw begonnen ben met postcrossing. Voor degene die me echt kennen, deze kunnen wel al raden dat ik weer eens heel enthousiast ben. 
en ja, dat is zo... dus, wat heb ik gedaan? Ik heb zoveel postkaarten gekocht dat ik er nu eigenlijk best verlegen over ben. Maar dat ben ik dus. Als ik echt iest leuk vind dan ga ik er voor de 100 procent voor.
Enkele foto's: 

The disney cards on the left are my favorits! 

old cards from Belgium

And some disney stationery

the cards on the left are 3D cards

on the left fantasy cards (I have much nicer dragon cards and other fantasy once) and on the right my special disney cards

 On the left my movie cards and on the right other disney cards

This is just a little sneak peek in my postcard collection (I was very lucky and found someone who wanted to sell all her postcards so I bought so many and so sheep :$ I'm still exited about the idea!)


letters and cards and postcrossing cards (I love the one from supper men)

This letter arrived like you can see the left one. It is unbelievable that not everything went lost xD
because there were also some stikkers, a button and a little paper!
Good postman! I'm happy you were so careful!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Omg, it's opened!! I have to be more careful. :D

    1. But I believe that it arrived safely with everything in it (however I can never be sure :p )

  2. Yeaaaay ! There is also mine letter :) hopebyou liked it !