donderdag 20 augustus 2015

#14 Ougoing mail + Selling postcards and stickers

Outgoing mail: 

Not much outgoing mail. I try to concentrate on my re-exams. Ooh and of course it helps that I run out of stamps and I can only order new once in 1 and a half week from now.
(Still know that somewhere needs to lay 2 or 3 but I can't find them at the moment). 

Niet zoveel uitgaande mail deze keer. Ik probeer me te concentreren op men herexamens. Natuurlijk helpt het ook dat ik momenteel zonder postzegels zit en nog zo'n anderhalve week moet wachten alvorens ik er nieuwe kan bestellen. (Al weet ik gewoon dat er hier ergens nog 2 of drie liggen)

Selling postcards and stickers: 

Just before I went on vacation I realized I have way too many stationery related stuff... So I'm planning to organize my stuff again. Already did one postcard box. Since I have some books I really wanted to read but no money for buying them at the moment I sold some of my postcards and stickers already.I'm planning to do a giveaway too but sending it out is also not possible at the moment... so well only ideas at the moment. Look what I already sold at the moment:

It is not so much but all the little things help.
It's time volley season starts again and so I can earn a little bit money again. 

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