zondag 31 mei 2015

see you the 24the of june


So my exams are getting really close.
This means I won't have much free time  (Unfortunately).
So probably I won't post anything on my blog before they're over.

To my penpals who read this:

I don't know if I'm going to have the time to answer you all.
Probably I'll answer postcards,
But letters :s I just don't know. So I'm very sorry if you have to wait a little bit longer. Normally I answered everyone (except the two incoming letters of this week).
So take your time with answering if they arrive around the 24the it is even better for me. Then I don't feel the need to answer immediately (Because I really don't want to disappoint anyone).

To my penpals and all the others who read this: 

I wish you all a good exam time. For the ones who don't have exams: Enjoy your time (oké the ones who have exams can enjoy it too but it is just a little different I guess).


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