dinsdag 7 april 2015

#8 Incoming mail

Incoming mail of the last two weeks

One of the funnies Ideas of a letter that I've ever received. The idea: I needed to take care of the two people you see on this picture I called the GRUMBLE and TUMBLE. I needed to take pictures of places where I took them. I really liked the idea bay the way (But I always forget to take pictures however they went everywhere I went the last week) See the pictures I took after my incoming.

A beautiful and nice large letter (you see the letter on the right) with some candy (on the left) To me it is like an early B-day gift because I don't eat unhealthy things until the 15th of this month. I wanted to be a bit more healthy.

A special card, I took the picture with the help of TUMBLE.

LEFT: nice long letter (with GRUMBLE)
RIGHT: a lovely card sended with her letter

I like that stationery, It looks like an old perkament. (LOVE IT)

LEFT: nice letter with cute owls from BELGIUM
RIGHT: isen't this a lovely postcard :o

I had to use my best GERMAN skills to read this, but I think I understand it

LEFT: My gosh I love that envelope! AMAZING!
RIGHT: some little candy I received too

A tea bag, my grandpa is going to be so happy

LEFT: the gift It looks like a really old one (I felt immediately in love with it)
RIGHT: under the paper you find this lovely box (now I use it for my postcards)

Inside: I love the tissues! kind of special don't you think?


Home sweet home

MY mail box

Going to school by car

on the high way

waiting, waiting waiting

helping me prepairing the training

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